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  1. Il grande fiume
  2. Arc en ciel (I)
  3. Sentiero Del Prato, Porta Nell'Universo
  4. Un giorno
  5. In una nuova terra?
  6. Arc en ciel (II)

Autoprodotto P(1999)


Registrato a Verona nella primavera del 1998 su registratore 8 piste analogico.
Mixato e masterizzato nel 1999.
Tecnici del suono:
Simone Chiampan e Tommaso Carrara
Fabio Gaspari : Basso, basso fretless, chitarra acustica 12 corde, flauto dolce, palo della pioggia, voce solista
Massimo Maoli : Chitarra elettrica, chitarra acustica 12 corde, pedal steel guitar
Alessandro Perbellini : Batteria
Luca Zerman : Tastiere, voce solista

"Logos" è stato registrato nella primavera del 1998. Si tratta di un vero e proprio live in studio, in quanto la band ha registrato in presa diretta, se si escludono la sovraincisione delle voci e alcuni assoli di chitarra. Per l’incisione è stato utilizzato un vecchio registratore 8 piste. Da un punto di vista della qualità sonora il risultato è modesto, alquanto artigianale, ma la band è ancora oggi molto orgogliosa di questo album. I due brani più interessanti sono "Il grande fiume", una suite di venti minuti il cui testo è ispirato al romanzo di Herman Hesse "Siddharta" e "Sentiero nel prato, porta dell’universo", che narra dell’incontro tra un bimbo e un alieno.
Musicalmente lo stile dei Logos si ispira principalmente al progressive italiano dei primi anni ’70, in primis Banco e Orme, ma anche ai Genesis di Peter Gabriel, (l’arpeggio iniziale di chitarra 12 corde all’inizio di "Sentiero nel prato..") e i Pink Floyd (le suggestive sonorità della pedal steel guitar nel brano "Il grande fiume"). Le parti vocali sono affidate principalmente a Fabio Gaspari.
Una curiosità di quest’album: vi sono due versioni della canzone acustica "Arc en ciel": una cantata da Fabio Gaspari; l’altra cantata da Luca Zerman.
La copertina dell’album, un disegno ispirato allo stile "metafisico" del pittore Giorgio De Chirico, è di Luca Zerman.



Windhawk @ ProgArchives.com - LINK

This debut by Italian act Logos showcase a highly talented band, with the creation of intriguing, atmospheric moods placed in quirky compositions with myriads of breaks and minor as well as majord changes in style, sound and pace as specialties. Symphonic prog seems to be a sort of foundation for this outfits explorations; as layered keyboards and synths are central elements throughout; most times used in a symphonic manner. Sometimes as the backdrop for a song or a segment; but most times given a dominating role throughout as main melody provider and mood creator.
The piano gets the pulled out on a few occasions; and the organ even more so; although the latter is used in a more subdued manner while the former gets to dominate quite a bit - even if used less extensively.
Clean, undistorted guitar licks adds textures and nuances to the songs; a few riffs and power chords are utilized to create darker atmospheres on occasion, while the guitar soloing mainly is of the atmospheric, melodic variety which ios a specialty in symphonic progressive rock music.
The songs themselves have a sound that do remind a bit of Eloy at times; but with much stronger symphonic leanings and more complex compositions in general. And of course with a distinct Italian flavour; a certain melodramatic tendency that is a constant factor on this production.
The sound quality and mix of this release is a poor one though; in terms of quality we are talking a demo of the old-fashioned variety in this case. Fuzzy sounding at times, instruments lost in the mix on occasions, some noise pollution and many cases of long pauses between individual segments in a tune. And the two long compositions here, although consisting of many compelling segments, also have some that feel glued in rather than naturally belonging; a case of limited possibilities when mixing these tunes I'd guess.
Still, it's a good release. One that ideally should have been re-recorded and/or remixed; but the ideas and moods are strong enough to make this an interesting production as is too; in particular for fans of symphonic progressive rock.


Andrea @ ProgArchives.com - LINK

Logos is an Italian prog band from Verona that was formed in 1996 by Luca Zerman (keyboards), Alessandro Perbellini (drums) and Fabio Gaspari (bass and guitar) as a cover band of Le Orme. Later guitarists Massimo Maoli and Andrea Dossi joined the band (although Andrea Dossi only for a short period) and they started to work on original compositions. In 1999 they released a first self produced eponymous album that was recorded in two weeks with the help of two friends, Simone Chiampan and Tommaso Carrara, using a 8 tracks analog recorder in a home-made studio. According to the band, all the tracks were recorded "live" and there is very few overdubbing. As a result, the sound quality is very far from perfect but at least you can appreciate the freshness of the compositions and the good song-writing... The opener "Il grande fiume" (The great river) is a long suite that reminds of Le Orme. It begins calmly with keyboards in the forefront and a "mysterious" atmosphere, then comes in a repetitive bass line and the rhythm goes up and down until vocals soar upon a classical piano pattern depicting a river slowly flowing towards the sea... Lyrics were inspired by Hermann Hesse's novel "Siddharta" that tells about the spiritual journey of the protagonist to reach the "enlightenment". After many troubles, he at last finds his way by listening to the murmurs of a river... There are many changes of tempos and moods, but the music perfectly fits a subject where joy and pain walk along the same spiritual path that leads to awareness... "Time passes by and doesn't forgive / The empty days of a sad age / While the old man is still learning / Why to live, why to fight / If life wins against you...".
"Arc en ciel" (Rainbow) is a short dreamy ballad with a beautiful melody featuring keyboards and strummed acoustic guitar... Imagine to be on the outskirts of a forest with some friends when the dark is falling. Near a bonfire your eyes mirror the nature and you can talk to each other about the future and about the past until the morning comes... Well, more or lees lyrics are about this.
"Sentiero nel prato, porta dell' universo" (Path on the lawn, door of the universe) is a long track that starts with an acoustic guitar arpeggio and then develops with fiery organ rides and delicate piano passages. Lyrics tell about the loss of a child in a poetical way... "It's not a star nor a fire that far light / It becomes just a little point in the universe / Until you can't see it anymore...".
"Un giorno..." (One Day), is another good track about an impending journey towards the unknown while "In una nuova terra?" (In a new land?) is about the come back from a journey in the space. In these tracks you can find slight echoes of Le Orme and Franco Battiato... An alternate version of "Arc en ciel" concludes the album.
The album was self produced with poor means, self distributed and in 1999 it couldn't reach a "large audience". I really hope that in the future the band could re-release it with an improved sound quality. Anyway, for now you can listen to it and legally download it for free from the official myspace page of the band. Have a try! I'm sure you won't waste your time.


Finnforest @ ProgArchives.com - LINK

Logos is a very accomplished symphonic prog band from Verona Italy, active since the mid 1990s. They have released two good albums to date and are currently working on their 3rd as we speak in 2009. They are quite impressive across the board from composition to performance. The first album seemed most influenced by the masters of classic RPI like Orme and Banco, while the second album seemed to get a bit heavier and more eclectic. I'm quite excited to see where they go with their 3rd album which is the first to be written in this mini resurgence of provocative RPI we are seeing around us---I believe this band has much potential to deliver something wonderful. But back to this album, their debut. Recorded in Verona in the spring of 1998 on 8-track analog equipment, the self-titled Logos featured 6 tracks including one 17 minute epic. The music is really pretty wonderful stuff, combining the qualities of good RPI and symphonic with a bit of neo tendency I believe, in the attitudes of the synths. There are also plenty of straight piano runs, acoustic guitar melodies, buoyant vocals, and impressive rhythms. Lots of generally upbeat atmospheres pervade the background of Logos and all of the musicians quite carefully choose their parts, there doesn't seem to be much left to chance here. Keyboardist Luca Zerman actually did the artwork for both albums. I just love it when the band does their own artwork. It's another little glimpse into the musician's personal lives and so much more meaningful to me than some fancy corporate designed crap that comes with the latest big release. I actually prefer this more laid back debut to the more adrenalized follow-up but am just shy of 4 stars. Logos is a very good RPI band and you can download both albums for free from the band's official site.


The Truth @ ProgArchives.com - LINK

I was very much pleasantly surprised with this album, mostly because I got it for free, but don't let the price fool you, this is good stuff. I don't speak a lick of Italian but there are very nice vocals throughout the album and when it comes to instrumentals these guys are very good at it. Overall though, the reason I like this album is not because of the quality of the release, it's because of the atmosphere it gives off. It is at times spacey, (Like Pink Floyd not Kevin Spacey) but sounds very much like Yes or PFM. The 17-minute Il Grande Fiume is an excellent example of this feel and the thing that sticks out to me on this track is definately the piano playing. Un Giorno gives off that atmosphere too and well... I guess all the tracks do but it sticks out more on those two. You'll know what I mean when you give the album a listen, and go ahead because it is free on their website, along with their sophomore release.


toroddfuglesteg @ ProgArchives.com - LINK

A very good debut from this Rock Progressivo Italiano band. It is even a free download from their website too. It cannot get any better than this. For those who wonder what Rock Progressivo Italiano is all about, I would recommend you to download this album and find out yourself. The music here is melodic, still symphonic and very lush. The music is not particular hard. Neither is it too soft. The music is both Hammond organ and guitar based. But most of all; the soft Italian vocals dominates the songs. This album is a good throwback to the 1970s, but with a far better sound. A sound which I cannot fault at all.
Although the sound is excellent and this album has everything a Rock Progressivo Italiano fan would like, the lack of some truly great songs is a problem for me. But this being a free download and on par with most of what I am remortaging my house to be able to buy, I cannot complain that much. Hence; this is in my view a great album and one I will continue to play well into my rocking chair retirement age. Then again; the lack of some truly great songs..... It is a borderline three or four stars album. I give it four stars though.
4 stars


Apps79 @ ProgArchives.com - LINK

Logos' history starts back in 1996 in Verona,when keyboardist Luca Zerman, bassist/flutist Fabio Gaspari and drummer Alessandro Perbellini formed the band,later to be joined by Massimo Maoli and Andrea Dossi on guitars.Initially they started as a Le Orme cover band,later to focus on composing their own material after the addition of the two guitarists,while they played numerous live shows in the meantime.1998 sees the departure of Dossi and the group moved on as a quartet, self-releasing their self-titled debut the same year.
The album is highlighted by the soft Symphonic Rock/New Age 17-min. suite ''17-min.'',obviously influenced by the likes of LE ORME (grand piano parts), PFM (acoustic textures but also somewhat plastic-sounding flutes) and FOCUS (in a few almost jazzy guitar parts) with some nice electric solos as well.The two short ''Arc en ciel'' pieces are absolutely fantastic with grandiose symphonic synths and sensitive vocals leading the way.The 10-min. ''Sentiero nel prato, porta dell' universo'' is heavily influenced by LE ORME and heavier bands like BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO with a modern touch,where calm lyrical acoustic parts are alternating with heavy organ-driven passages to produce some good progressive music along the way.''Un giorno'' is sort of modern Symphonic/Psych/Neo Prog in the vein of ATON'S and SITHONIA with guitars on evidence and romantic vocals.Finally ''In una nuova terra?'' follows the same vein: Soft sung parts with a Classical touch switch into complicated instrumental music with complex bass, furious piano lines and obscure synths.
Logos' debut will not win the prize of the most talented band or the most ground-breaking album of the year,but their music is demanding and captivating despite the flat production with strong roots on 70's Classic Italian Prog.If you are a fan of the style,this album is more than recommended.


Il Grande Fiume
Lento scorre il fiume verso il mare che con la sua calma piano se ne va mentre il giorno sta nascendo ... E quell' uomo era li ad ascoltare la voce del cuore la sentiva la' da quel fiume che pian piano se ne andava mentre il giorno terminava gia' Grande fiume insegna alla tua gente cosa e' il cielo cosa e' il mare, perche' l' aria per volare perche' l' acqua per nuotare se lo sai dimmelo tu ... Perche' il gelo per tremare perche' il fuoco per scaldare se lo sai dimmelo tu... Passa il tempo senza perdonare giorni vuoti di una triste eta' mentre il vecchio sta imparando ... perche' vivere perche' lottare se la vita vince su di te grande cercatore di grandi risposte scopritore di grandi perche' Grande fiume insegna alla tua gente della vita cosa fare, meglio odiare o meglio amare meglio agire e poi pensare se lo sai dimmelo tu ... Per capire e' bene errare, se la vita e' un grande mare fiume e' stata anche la mia...
Arc En Ciel
Le nostre pupille come specchi di nature immense invisibili il nostro sguardo nelle tenebre di questa sera che sara' lunga. Passeremo il nostro tempo a parlare di altre vite future a parlare di altre vite passate mentre ascolteremo il suono che ci arriva dalla foresta. La nostra mente pensera' di mondi paralleli che esistono dell' infinito ma piccolo cosmo e dell' immensamente grande. Si eclissera' la luna dietro la terra per poi ritornare presto a mattina quando tutto sara' tornato chiaro e noi saremo di nuovo come prima sulla strada.
Sentiero Nel Prato, Porta Dell' Universo
Figlio di un giorno di pioggia ed uno di sole lascia i tuoi giochi e dimentica tutto di te scendi il sentiero che porta a valle dove ti portano i tuoi piccoli piedi scendi ancora e non stancarti anche se tu non sai dove vai. Qualcuno ha tracciato nella sua mente un lunghissimo sentiero dalla porta della tua casa fino alla porta dell' universo Dove vai? il sentiero potrebbe presto morire Non e' una fiamma e nemmeno un lume quello che vedi abbracciare i rami ma un gran castello di luce ed ombra ti meraviglia ma non hai paura Dove vai? il sentiero potrebbe presto morire Non e' un uomo ne' un cavallo alato colui che piano ti si fa incontro non dice nulla ma punta il dito sulla tua fronte di bambino Dove vai? il sentiero potrebbe non finire mai E se la sera non lo vedi tornare corri a cercarlo tu buona madre non aspettarlo nel campo di giochi ma nella radura prendi il lume e vai Dove vai ? il sentiero potrebbe presto morire Guarda lassu'... Non e' una stella e nemmeno un fuoco quel punto luminoso lontano diventa piccolo nel grande cosmo fino a non vederlo piu' Dove vai? Madre di un giorno di pioggia ed uno di sole torna dov' eri e dimentica tutto di lui.
Un Giorno
Ecco i prati dove giocano i ragazzi. Deserti e immersi nel buio incerte figure che si fondono con le tenebre e la memoria Aria fredda, pioggia, l'alba di una nuova stagione davanti a me il giorno si schiude senza un raggio di sole... il viaggiatore si prepara per partire ancora ignota per lui la meta seguira' gli ultimi soldati, attraversera' con loro il confine, a loro indichera' la strada che porta lontano dal tempo con loro sfidera' la tempesta di chi viaggia verso l' ignoto. Sento voci confuse che parlano assieme lungo la strada di casa e tutte quelle lanterne accese accese per sfidare il buio e mentre cammino un sibilo lento sveglia la mia mente ancora un' altra locomotiva sfreccia a nord.
In Una Nuova Terra ?
Un punto luminoso stanotte divide a meta' la volta celeste, un milione di stelle dopo sara' di nuovo terraferma. Un viaggio attraverso lo spazio, e poi... Nella nuova terra e' quasi buio il sole di qua sta calando e sopra il ponte sulla strada questa sera ho potuto vedere milioni di biciclette ferme, tutti ad ammirare l' orizzonte, agitando bandiere e fazzoletti. E' il popolo che acclama agli eroi del viaggio interstellare.

Asrava (2001) >>>


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