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LogoS is proud to announce the collaboration with painter Marica Fasoli, Italian renowned artist.
The partnership will be a cooperative project for the cover development on the brand new album of the band, and related to a topic very close to the painter. This topic inspired the band to write a concept that link LogoS' music and Marica's art.


LogoS would also announce the collaborations with Marco Zuffo, musician, poet and artist. His poems will be the lyrics of next album. Also confirmed the partnership with Fulvio Saiani, photographer and owner of every shots used in the previous album "L'enigma della vita" (2014 - Andromeda Relix).


Rock Au Château - Château de Villersexel - France LINK Le 6 aout 2016 - Rock Progressif:
Pendragon (UK)
Special Providence (Ungheria)
Logos (Italia)
JPL - Jean Pierre Louveton / Némo (Francia)



13/06/2015: LogoS LIVE @ "Verona Prog Fest" - Il Giardino Club, Verona

22/05/2015: LogoS + Phoenix Again - Concert for ANT - Brescia

17/05/2015: Concert at Riviera Prog Festival - Fim eventi - Genova
Line-up: FEM, LogoS, Cherry Five, Bernardo Lanzetti e Beggar’s Farm, Emerson, Lake & Palmer Project, UT NEW TROLLS, GOBLIN Rebirth.

12/05/2015: Albums LogoS and Asrava available on our digital stores: LINK
09/01/2015: Double vinyl edition of "L'enigma della vita" available


31/10/2014: LogoS LIVE "Club Il Giardino" - Lugagnano, Verona, Italy - LINK evento Facebook
25/10/2014: LogoS LIVE @ "Progressive Melody" - Cusano Milanino, Milano with dAWN, Phoenix Again and Haze.
Track list:
- Antifona2 + Venivo da un lungo sonno - (LogoS) - Video
- In fuga - (LogoS) - Video
- L'enigma della vita - (LogoS) - Video
- Completamente estranei - (LogoS)
- Alla fine dell'ultimo capitolo - (LogoS) - Video
- In quale luogo si fermò il mio tempo + N.A.S. - (LogoS) - Video
- La porta chiusa - (Le Orme) + Pioggia in campagna - (LogoS) - Video


01/07/2014: L'enigma della vita: best album of the month (June) for l'E-zine www.progressiverockbr.com/ - LINK
The day 06/21/2014, LogoS plays at Posto Castello.
Here is the track list:
- Venivo da un lungo sonno - (LogoS)
- Terra incognita - (LogoS)
- Sguardo verso il cielo - (Le Orme)
- L'enigma della vita - (LogoS)
- Una dolcezza nuova - (Le Orme)
- Completamente estranei - (LogoS)
- N.a.s. - (LogoS)
- Impressioni di settembre - (Premiata Forneria Marconi)
- Amico di ieri - (Le Orme)
- Gioco di bimba - (Le Orme)
- La potra chiusa - (Le Orme)
- In fuga - (LogoS)
- R.i.p. - (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso)
- Collage - (Le Orme)
- Regina al troubadour - (Le Orme)


29/05/2014: We are proud that our brand new album is showed in the Home Page of Garden Shed, a Japan must store for progressive music. That's great!!!
gardenshed1 (74K)

09/05/2014: "L'enigma della vita" is available! Buy it on our Store
The day 16/04/2014 LogoS signes for Andromeda Relix.
The day 5/03/2014 LogoS plays at "Progressioni Sonore. Serata Speciale "Le Orme/Osanna" presented by Gianni Della Cioppa.
Scaletta dei brani persentati:
- Collage (Le Orme)
- Sguardo verso il cielo (Le Orme)
- Gioco di bimba (Le Orme)
- Felona (Le Orme)
- Amico di ieri (Le Orme)
- Regina al Troubador (Le Orme)
- L'enigma della vita (LogoS)
- Completamente estranei (LogoS)
- E mi viene da pensare (Banco - ricordo di Francesco Di Giacomo);
- Regina al Troubador (bis - Le Orme).


The band is still working on the new album. Recording, mixing and mastering are over. Alessandro Perbellini rejoin Logos as drummer.


The day 25/02/2011, LogoS plays part at "Acusticamente", opening for "The Watch", a Genesis tribute band. Astra theater, San Giovanni Lupatoto (Vr).
- Prologo (Logos)
- Terra Incognita (Logos)
- Completamente Estranei (Logos)
- In fuga (Logos)
- N.A.S. (Logos)
- Sguardo verso il cielo (Le Orme)

The day 21/03/2012, LogoS plays at "Progressioni Sonore: i Protagonisti", a special night dedicated to Le Orme and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.
This is the track list:
- Passaggio (B.M.S.)
- Il Giardino del Mago (B.M.S.)
- R.I.P. (B.M.S.)
- Metamorfosi (B.M.S.)
- E mi viene da pensare (B.M.S.)
- 750.000 anni fa...l'amore? (B.M.S.)
- Non mi rompete (B.M.S.)
- Sguardo verso il cielo (Le Orme)
- Una dolcezza nuova (Le Orme)
- Felona (Le Orme)
- Maggio (Le Orme)
- Amico di ieri (Le Orme)
- Verità nascoste (Le Orme)
- Fine di un viaggio (Le Orme)

The days 26/05/2012, 03/08/2012 and 06/10/2012 LogoS plays at "Il Posto Castello" ad Illasi (Verona).



The day 22/04/2011, LogoS had an unplugged experience at Casa Novarini, San Giovanni Lupatoto (Vr).
This is the track list:
- La carrozza di Hans (P.F.M.)
- E' Festa (P.F.M.)
- Impressioni di settembre (P.F.M.)
- Concerto grosso N.1 - 1° tempo: ALLEGRO (New Trolls)
- Concerto grosso N.1 - 2° tempo: ADAGIO (Shadows) (New Trolls)
- Sguardo verso il cielo (Le Orme)
- Collage (Le Orme)
- R.I.P. (Banco del mutuo soccorso)



The day 15/01/2010, LogoS plays at Il Giardino Club, Lugagnano di Sona (Vr).
This is the track list:
- ...venivo da un lungo sonno... (Logos)
- In the wake of Poseidon (King Crimson)
- Pioggia in Campagna (Logos)
- In principio... (Logos) [Video]
- In una nuova terra? (Logos) [Video]
- Collage (Le Orme) [Video]
- Impressioni di Settembre (P.F.M.) [Video]
- Completamente Estranei (Logos) [Video]
- Firth of fifth (Genesis)
- The court of the Crimson King (King Crimson) [Video]
- In fuga (Logos)
- La porta chiusa (Le Orme) [Video]
- Nas (Logos)
- Medley (Genesis/Wakeman/Le Orme)



The day 30/05/2010, LogoS plays at Verona Prog Fest (Web site) one of the most important progressive event in Italy. Logos took part as winner of "Palco Libero" competition, reaching the third position. The testimonial was Patrizio Fariselli, a member of AREA, a '70 italian prog band.

This is the track list:
- Completamente Estranei (Logos)
- Nas (Logos)
- In fuga (Logos)
- Collage (Le Orme)
- La porta chiusa (Le Orme)

Logos lost Massimo and they are back as a three people band composed by Fabio, Claudio and Luca.
Friday 5/11/2010 LogoS and Stella Polaris will play for PADMA HOME ONLUS.
ASTRA Theater. San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)


This is the track list:
- ...venivo da un lungo sonno... (Logos)
- Atlantide (Battiato)
- Completamente estranei (Logos)
- Repent Walpurgis (Procol Harum)
- In fuga (Logos)
- NAS (Logos)
- Una dolcezza nuova (Le Orme)
- La porta chiusa (Le Orme)
- Sguardo verso il cielo (Le Orme)
- Collage (Le Orme)



The group carries on the road of the third album and the composing of Pioggia in campagna is ended.

Sunday May 10th the band plays at Jameika (Verona) in a Rock Contest: "Bande sonore".
This is the track list:
- Completamente estranei (Logos)
- N.A.S. (Logos)
- In fuga (Logos) [Video]
- ...venivo da un lungo sonno... (Logos)



The band starts to record the third album.
A new song is born: Pioggia in campagna.
The 16th of October Logos plays at Jameika (Verona) taking part at a rock contest for talented bands.
This is the track list:
...venivo da un lungo sonno... (Logos) - In fuga (Logos)
- N.A.S. (Logos) - Completamente estranei (Logos)



Tha band take the entire year to compose new songs: Completamente estranei and the instrumentals N.A.S. and Il senso sospeso.
The arrangements of In fuga is totally changed.


The beginning of 2006 is also dedicated to the repertory; more or less in February the new "In fuga" piece is completed. Logos arrange in the same period an event - concert in order to celebrate the ten years of activity of the group and the project comes true by a place called "La locanda" at Boscochiesanuova - Verona in April 29, 2006; the audience partecipation is good and Logos performed a 3 hours set with the last repertory.
This was the track list:
- ...venivo da un lungo sonno... (Logos)
- In the wake of Poseidon (King Crimson)
- Sguardo verso il cielo (Le Orme)
- In principio... (Logos)
- In una nuova terra? (Logos)
- Alla fine dell' ultimo capitolo (Logos)
- Impressioni di settembre (P.F.M.)
- Amico di ieri (Le Orme)
- '99 (Logos)
- Firth of fifth (Genesis)
- The court of the crimson king (King Crimson)
- In fuga (Logos)
- La porta chiusa (Le Orme)
- Una dolcezza nuova (Le Orme)
- L' enigma della vita (Logos)
- The cinema show (Genesis)
- Medley (Vari)

Unfortunately that concert was the last partecipation of Stefano Serpelloni as bass player of the group. From now on Logos started to learn a new instrumental piece from an idea by Fabio Gaspari; but the developement of that piece is temporarily stopped because Logos had to prepare a new event such as the SoundPark 2006, organized in Valpolicella in S. Pietro Incariano from an idea of Altrisounds crew. The concert will be played the next August 17, 2006 together with Rosillusa e Jerolimo Blues Band. This is the tracklist:
- ...venivo da un lungo sonno... (Logos)
- La porta chiusa (Le Orme)
- Firth of Fifth (Genesis)
- The court of the Crimson King (King Crimson)
- In fuga (Logos)
- The cinema show (coda, Genesis)



In the beginning of 2005 Logos started to study back the past repertory in order to present it in case of a concert; in February of 2005 also a medley of famous progressive pieces is starting (Genesis, Yes, Wakeman, Orme, ecc...); this will be a signicative part of a concert. In the middle of this year let's start studying "The cinema show", a great piece from Genesis included in the 1973 album "Selling England by the pound", a true tour de force, expecially for the keyboards. Near October a recover of the proper piece "'99" is starting, a new arrangement of the original piece of the period 1999-2001. The new version also contains an unreleased coda, very much symphonic as the previous. In the meantime the medley is finished and finally contains the following parts:
- ...in that quiet earth (parte 1a, Genesis)
- And you and I (estratto, Yes)
- L' equilibrio (estratto, Le Orme)
- Arthur (estratto, Wakeman)
- Ripples (intermezzo, Genesis)
- ...in that quiet earth (parte 2a, Genesis)
- Afterglow (Genesis)
- The fountain of Salmacis (coda, Genesis)

So, in the end of 2005 Logos are still searching for a possibility to go out for a live concert with a repertory that goes now over the two hours of music...


In January 2004 it is added to the group a true bass player: Stefano Serpelloni, Andrea's brother, and so line up is again complete! The objective is always the same: covers and proper pieces, hoping that all withstand for a long time...The track list is now composed by other covers from Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Pooh together with original Logos tracks. In February 2004 Logos come out for a concert by the History Live Club in Verona together with two other groups such as Primo Mobile and Lestasinquiete; the concert is followed by a good number of people. During this night Logos presents for the first timethe two new original pieces "In principio..." and "...venivo da un lungo sonno..." with a very good feedback from the audience. After this concert Logos remained again without leaad vocalist because Andrea leaves for other experiences... Let's go on with Fabio Gaspari on drums and voice! In September of 2004 a new keyboardist joined the group, his name is Claudio Antolini, a valid pianist who helps the band to make arrangements for two keyboards... included piano . Just before the Claudio's arrival the group started a new song temporary called "Via di fuga", a piece by Fabio Gaspari includin 3 movements in celtic - rock style. In the meantime we prepared pieces as "Firth of Fifth" e "Afterglow" by Genesis. Thanks to the Claudio's arrival is now possible to study pieces such as "Una dolcezza nuova", "La porta chiusa" by Le Orme, let's recover pieces from the old repertory such as "R.I.P" and "Sguardo verso il cielo", and "Ezra Pound" and "In una nuova terra?" for what is regarding the original Logos repertory.


And we have reached the beginnings of 2003... in this period the live activity of the group is reduced to zero (but from January 2000, unfortunately!) for a series of motives: the necessity to reconstruct a repertoire with the new formation and more and more difficult situation as it regards the possibility to play live in places and suitable circles in the veronese. The group nevertheless it continues in the developement of a repertoire that allows him to play live at least dividing the evening with another group, waiting to having pieces for at least a couple of hours of concert... 26/04/2003 Logos played at "Frequenze Alternate" contest in the town of Ronco All' Adige (Verona, Italy) together with another local group called Primo Mobile; this concert received good reviews and a good success of audience; after this concert Alessandro Perbellini, drummer, one of the founders of the group, left Logos to play other genres of music and his place is took by the actual bass guitarist Simone Chiampan (really not a bass player but a drummer!). Logos starts to play new music with a previous unreleased three - elements line - up! Without bass guitar they starts to imagine how to make rock music with three instruments as better as possible using the resources at their disposal with the maximum possibilities. With this philosophy Logos finished a single called "...in principio" wich lirycs are based on the six days of creation of the world saw by the "eyes" of a little plant...; this single contains two different instrumental improvisations for three... Later (September 2003) Logos line up increased at the actual 5 elements with the adding of the original bass guitarist Fabio Gaspari and a new solo singer, Andrea Serpelloni. They started in this period the study of covers as "Aqualung" (Jethro Tull), "The court of the Crimson King" and "In the wake of Poseidon" (King Crimson). The activity will go on with both covers and original pieces by Logos with two different targets: come back on a live activity and collect a sufficient number of tracks for the 3rd CD... In October 2003 Simone Chiampan also leaves the group, therefore the Logos remain again without drummer; here so in name of the flexibility Fabio Gaspari, first for game, then for necessity, he offers as drummer and the bass parts are simulated by Luca Zerman with the help of a synth: the Logos have become so a perfect formation "Doors way"! In this period the piece " ...venivo da un lungo sonno..." borns, always performed by with "what is to disposition"...; an interesting passage goes out together with from there influences psychedelic and progressive; there is one thing to say: despite the vicissitudes since here list the Logos they succeed, with a good dose of passion, they go on and they are even satisfied of what goes out from there!


In March of 2002 activity continues therefore with Luca Zerman also in the role of soloist voice. In the spring and in the summer of 2002 the Logos undertake the remaking of some other coverses of various kind, as "Afghan", an instrumental piece of the great English guitarist Mike Oldfield, "Marcha do entralazado de Allariz", a piece originally present in a CD of the Spanish flutist Carlos Nunez but belonging to the Basque tradition, and "Uno straniero venuto dal tempo", very suggestive piece and to the limits of the psichedelia, originally present in a CD of the Pooh of late 70's. In the same period two old pieces of Logos as "In una nuova terra?" and "Terra incognita" respectively present in their original form in the first and second CD of the group were rearranged; these remaking will serve to give to these pieces a new and perhaps more interesting aspect; subsequently (autumn - winter 2002) other two pieces are composed respectively denominated "Alla fine dell' ultimo capitolo" and "...in principio".


In January 2001 the bassist-guitarist-singer Fabio Gaspari decide to left the band and prefers to devote himself to the acoustic music. The place of bassist it validly occupied by Simone Chiampan, while it is staying vacant that of soloist singer. After a few months of job of finish, in August 2001, finally the "Ásrava" CD is available. In the meantime activity continues on the cover songs and on the side of proper production with the new arrangement of some of the historical pieces with the new bass guitarist.
In 2001, November, a singer named Mirco enters in the group with his good voice and proper characteristics for the sound of the group; unfortunately, after having undertaken the remaking of some progressive covers of groups and other different kinds, the relationship between group and singer breaks, and so the "LOGOS" again remain without soloist singer.


In this period the group picks up the pieces not yet recorded and it decides to do a second job of on CD. Once more with the musician friend Simone Chiampan as sound engineer. The recordings begins in August of 2000 and they will conclude in February of 2001. In the meantime the live activity of group suffers a stop, while it is continuing the job in the studio for the realization of new pieces. One of these, still in phase of study, is called "L' enigma della vita".
In the new job also take place two called particularly melodic pieces "La leggerezza della libertà" and "Epilogo", while the introduction is entrusted to a multiple overdub of keyboards particularly studied. At the moment however the CD owes still to be realized. We will need some more month!


At the begin of 1999, in the meantime, the real CD is realized, always with handicraft means, and are distributed from there, against every expectation, even forty copies! They won't be disk quotas of platinum but it can be enough! The activity go on and the group plays in others four or five occasions. Near the end of 1999 other two pieces are composed: "99" and the instrumental "Ezra Pound", both articulated and full of variations. Only two occasions has been possible to introduce live these two pieces, the last of them in the 2000's spring, together with the birth of another instrumental piece.


In the beginning of 1998 the Logos where four for the defection of the acoustic guitarist Andrea Dossi. In the 1998's spring the idea of the recording of a job is born using here the proper pieces until composed. The thing was realized in two weeks thanks to the consultation of two friends musicians: Simone Chiampan and Tommaso Carrara; they record live the executions using a 8 tracks analog recorder; the recording was done in the same studio of the group. The only overdubs effected for this recording have been those of the voices, some solo and few additions of acoustic guitar and keyboard. During the processing of the final tape the acoustic song "Arc en ciel" was recorded on the CD that has been called here simply "Logos". From this moment to the realization of the final CD they will have to still spend however quite a lot months.... In the summer of 1998 the Logos participate on the "TOTUS LUPUS Festival" organized on the shores of the Adige river near to S.G. Lupatoto (VR) playing in the evening of Sunday 12/07 really during the football world championship last match France vs. Brazil, together with other two local groups: I LUPI and CRYOGENIC. About this evening has remained among the other things a good quality live recording that has also passed in CD. The 1998 it continues with another pair of discreet evenings among which that to "Il Posto" (VR). In autumn another song borns in the Logos house: "Terra incognita".


Later the group produces other proper pieces as "Sentiero nel prato, porta dell' universo", that are proposed live in other evenings during 1997. In the same year the group plays live in different places in Verona, not without a lot of difficulties, considering that the typical place where to play is the "beer house" where the people comes for eating and drinking, not to listen to music; it is even more then complicated to propose genres different from the rock-blues or funky or any other kind that doesn't make to "beat the foot". Well aware of these difficulties the Logos continue on the road of the not-success picking up here however and her also of the consents. Incredible! Between the evenings to be remembered:
- 06/03/1997 - Il Posto (VR)
- 12/04/1997 - Green Days cafe (Stallavena, VR)
"Un giorno", "In una nuova terra?" are other two new proper songs composed in this year. They are inserted in the repertoire and proposed more times live.


The brief history of this group has beginning in the 1996's spring for worth of three peoples that play for a long time: Luca Zerman, keyboardist, Alessandro Perbellini, drummer and Fabio Gaspari, bassist and guitarist. They starts to reproduce cover of the italian group "Le Orme" exploiting the potentialities of the three instruments formation, typical of so many groups of italian and foreigners progressive rock of the '70s. The strong pieces of the group of Mestre as Collage, Sguardo verso il cielo, Regina al Troubadour, Gioco di bimba, Figure di cartone, etc. are the most important of LOGOS first repertoire.Contemporaneously the composition of a particular piece begins; the style is the one of the "suiteses" proposed by the groups of those years; this suite will take the definitive name of "Il grande fiume", whose text was inspired by a famous story of Herman Hesse called "Siddharta". In the same period the guitars enter in the group, played by Massimo Maoli (electric and 12 strings) and Andrea Dossi (acoustics and 12 strings); they help to complete the suite. The preparation of some other cover of italian prog groups as "Banco del Mutuo Soccorso" and "PFM" allow to have an enough repertoire to play live. The debut for this formation happens in December of 1996 to Pescantina's ROLL BAR (VR - Italy) with good share of people.

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