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Logos’ history starts back in 1996 in Verona,when keyboardist Luca Zerman, bassist/flutist Fabio Gaspari and drummer Alessandro Perbellini formed the band,later to be joined by Massimo Maoli and Andrea Dossi on guitars.Initially they started as a Le Orme cover band,later to focus on composing their own material after the addition of the two guitarists,while they played numerous live shows in the meantime.1998 sees the departure of Dossi and the group moved on as a quartet, self-releasing their self-titled debut the same year.

The album is highlighted by the soft Symphonic Rock/New Age 17-min. suite ”17-min.”,obviously influenced by the likes of LE ORME (grand piano parts), PFM (acoustic textures but also somewhat plastic-sounding flutes) and FOCUS (in a few almost jazzy guitar parts) with some nice electric solos as well.The two short ”Arc en ciel” pieces are absolutely fantastic with grandiose symphonic synths and sensitive vocals leading the way.The 10-min. ”Sentiero nel prato, porta dell’ universo” is heavily influenced by LE ORME and heavier bands like BIGLIETTO PER L’INFERNO with a modern touch,where calm lyrical acoustic parts are alternating with heavy organ-driven passages to produce some good progressive music along the way.”Un giorno” is sort of modern Symphonic/Psych/Neo Prog in the vein of ATON’S and SITHONIA with guitars on evidence and romantic vocals.Finally ”In una nuova terra?” follows the same vein: Soft sung parts with a Classical touch switch into complicated instrumental music with complex bass, furious piano lines and obscure synths.

Logos’ debut will not win the prize of the most talented band or the most ground-breaking album of the year,but their music is demanding and captivating despite the flat production with strong roots on 70’s Classic Italian Prog.If you are a fan of the style,this album is more than recommended.

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