LOGOS Bokeh music review by TenYearsAfter (@progarchives.com)

LOGOS Bokeh music review by TenYearsAfter (@progarchives.com)

LogoS was founded in Verona in 1996 as an Italian progressive rock cover band of the 70s performing songs from Classic Italian Prog bands Le Orme and Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso. In 1999 LogoS released its debut album entitled Logos, followed by Asrava in 2001. Then it took many years (in 2010 the band opened for the known Biglietto Per L’Inferno at an Italian festival) before LogoS released the successor in 2014, the concept album L’Enigma Della Vita (CD and vinyl, see review), on the Andromeda Relix label. LogoS gained international acclaim and played at several foreign festivals, like the Dutch ProgFrog and the French Rock Au Chateau (along Ars Nova from Japan, and Pendragon). In 2020 LogoS released the concept album Sadako E Le Mille Gru Di Carta, I wrote about it on PA: “This is my first musical encounter with LogoS, and I am very pleased with the melodic and harmonic keyboard driven prog, the two keyboard players deliver lots of exciting work on Hammond and synthesizers.” On this album LogoS feature the original band members Luca Zerman on keyboards and lead vocals, Fabio Gaspari on bass, and Alessandro Perbellini on drums, along Claudio Antolini on keyboards who joined LogoS in 2004. Guitar player Massimo Maoli has turned into one of the guest musicians. Late 2023 the band released remastered reissues of their 1999 and 2001 albums, this double-review is a focus on these efforts.

CD 1 – Logos (43:04) 2023 Remix – Digitally remastered from the original master tapes.

1. Il Grande Fiume (18:06) : Despite the long running time LogoS succeed to keep my attention, due to the flowing shifting moods (from a dreamy atmosphere to a swinging rhythm and sumptuous outbursts), the wonderful native vocals (mighty close to Le Orme) and the lush instrumentation: varied keyboards (Grand piano, Mellotron, synthesizer, strings), a tin-whistle sound, pedal steel guitar, and jazzy – and moving electric guitar play. What a wonderful 24-carat symphonic rock composition!

2. Arc En Ciel I (2:36) : This short track contains a majestic church organ sound and inspired vocals, a nice musical idea.

3. Sentiero Del Prato, Porta Nell’Universo (9:47) Lots of dynamics, from dreamy and up-tempo to bombastic, embellished with twanging guitars, howling electric guitar, tender piano, dazzling keyboard work and swelling strings. And what a great bonus the Italian vocals are.

4. Un Giorno (5:19) : Wow, so much is happening here: a mid-tempo featuring flashy synthesizer flights, then mellow with pedal steel guitar and dreamy vocals, followed by a bombastic atmosphere with powerful emotional vocals, blended with pedal steel guitar and synthesizer runs. Halfway through a catchy rhythm guitar, organ, fiery guitar work and a sparkling organ solo. And finally, a mellow climate with a slow rhythm topped with romantic vocals and fragile guitar work. Never a dull moment.

5. In Una Nuova Terra? (4:40) First dreamy with soaring strings, sensitive electric guitar and melancholiac vocals. Halfway a sensational break with an up-tempo featuring fiery guitar runs, sparkling piano, lush organ and powerful drum beats, this is more the ‘Banco’ side of the band, wow! Then the sound shifts between dreamy with tender piano and vocals and bombastic eruptions with guitar riffs and organ, this creates a lot of tension and excitement.

6. Arc En Ciel II (2:36) This is a reprise, again a duet with church organ and vocals, but now blended with a soaring string-ensemble sound and beautiful vocals, strongly evoking Le Orme.

Although at some moments the sound quality is not optimal, I am very pleased with this reissue, it will especially appeal to the fans of Classic Italian Prog and 70s symphonic rock, like me, haha.

CD 2 – Asrava (46:27) 2023 Remastered Version

1. Prologo (5:04) : This album starts with an instrumental with a lush electronic music sound featuring wonderful synthesizer strings and choirs.

2. Ezra Pound (7:15) : Next another musical story, lots of dynamics, changing atmospheres and surprising breaks, topped with strong work on guitar (from propulsive runs to powerful riffs) and keyboards (from flashy and freaky solos on the synthesizer to soaring strings and orchestral layers).

3. ’99 (10:46) : More cascades of shifting moods and breaks, embellished with a lush instrumentation, from an accordion sound and Mellotron choirs to fiery guitar, soaring string-ensemble, funky bass and majestic church organ, topped with beautiful native vocals.

4. La Leggerezza Della Libertà (2:50) : Now back to dreamy with twanging guitar, soaring strings and romantic vocals, how beautiful it sounds.

5. Asrava (9:08) : The title track begins with a swinging rhythm featuring powerful guitar and organ, tight drum beats, soon a lush keyboard sound joins. Then the music turns into a dynamic and swinging kind of jam session featuring a funky bass solo, a sensitive electric guitar solo with wah-wah, electric piano runs and a trumpet solo.

6. Terra Incognita (7:49) : This mid-long track alternates between atmospheric, swinging and bombastic, very dynamic, and tastefully coloured with choirs, distorted vocals, fat guitar riffs, swirling Hammond runs, a sensitive guitar solo with swinging bass and a bombastic final part featuring guitar riffs and a Mellotron choir sound.

7. Epilogo (3:35) : Like the starter Prologo this concluding track contains mellow synthesizer flights, soaring strings and dreamy vocals. Finally, a tender acoustic guitar solo, simply wonderful.

This album sounds a bit more elaborate and better recorded than their wonderful previous effort, but also very melodic, harmonic, and tastefully arranged, with excellent work on keyboards and guitar, and beautiful native vocals, I am delighted about LogoS.

Both CD’s get my four star appreciation.

LOGOS Bokeh music review by TenYearsAfter (@progarchives.com)

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