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Logos e Marica Fasoli

I LogoS sono orgogliosi di ufficializzare l’importante collaborazione con Marica Fasoli , pittrice iperrealista veronese già affermata nel panorama artistico italiano e non solo. La collaborazione porterà allo sviluppo della copertina del prossimo lavoro in studio della band, incentrato su una tematica molto cara alla stessa pittrice, tematica condivisa e fatta propria dal gruppo che darà un […]

Read More – L’Enigma miglior album del mese (giugno 2014) WELCOME TO Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal – E-ZINE LOGOS The brief history of this group has beginning in the 1996’s spring for worth of three peoples that play for a long time: Luca Zerman, keyboardist, Alessandro Perbellini, drummer and Fabio Gaspari, bassist and guitarist. They starts to reproduce cover of the italian group […]

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Todd @

LogoS has been around for nearly 20 years, having released two interesting self-produced albums around 2000. They have returned in full force now in 2014, releasing a new album, “L’Enigma della Vita.” The only remaining founding member is Luca Zerman, and over the intervening years he has assembled a band that have been playing live […]

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Apps79 @

Logos’ history starts back in 1996 in Verona,when keyboardist Luca Zerman, bassist/flutist Fabio Gaspari and drummer Alessandro Perbellini formed the band,later to be joined by Massimo Maoli and Andrea Dossi on guitars.Initially they started as a Le Orme cover band,later to focus on composing their own material after the addition of the two guitarists,while they […]

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Finnforest @

Logos is a band from Verona Italy who began in the mid 1990s and despite line-up changes over the years, remain together to this day (2009). They sport a variety of both English (Crimson, Genesis) and Italian (Orme, Banco) prog influences, have a good history of live shows, and have performed both covers and originals. […]

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Utnapishtim @

In search of the truth’ sailing through unsafe thoughts in search of the knowledge that since the beginning of times it seems to vanish once reached it. A precious album for both listeners and musicians. A must have album which offers a balanced way to express the depth concept of RPI through memorable true progressive […]

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