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Now I am back to write about an Italian modern prog rock band. They contacted me some weeks ago and I was very honoured when they wanted me to hear and review their record. The band’s name is “Logos” and they seem to have been around for a while. They come from Verona and started their band 1996 and made two albums in the beginning of their carreer: “Logos”(1999) and “Ásrava”(2001). Their third studio album came now this year 2014 and the cover picture is powerful and should look especially progressive on a vinyl cover. “L’Enigma della Vita” from 2014 feautures Fabio Gaspari(guitars, bass and vocals), Luca Zerman(keyboards, Hammond, lead vocals), Claudio Antolini(piano, keyboards) and Alessandro Perbelini(drums). The record has a lot of music in different styles and the music could from place to place be compared with other great bands without losing their the unique feeling the band has.

The best is to listen to everything in a row, the pieces follow each other. “Antifona” is a calm introduction(7/10) which leeds into “Venivo da un lungo sonno” where you both could here sililarities with Pink Floyd and Genesis. The main melodical theme is a Genesisesque lovely creation and later comes Pink Floyd guitar and calm fine song(9/10). Then comes the third song “In fuga” which I like even more: it is fast and vivid and has a strong heavy symphonic melody(10/10). “Alle fine dell’ultimo capitolo” contains a lot of great epic stuff which is pleasant to hear(8/10) and “N.a.a” do I like even more: it starts undure and experimenting and evolves to a heavy symphonic tune(10/10). “L’Enigma della vita” is also a fantastic song, also the albums title track(9/10) and the playful “In principio” is not bad at all(7/10). “The rocky “Completamente estranei”(7/10) and “In quale lugo si fermoò il mio tempo”(7/10) where we hear wonderful piano come then and “Pioggia in campagna” concludes the album in a beautiful way wher we also hear the splendor of the voice(9/10). The closer “Il rumoro dell’aria” doesn’t appeal to me in the same way(5/10).

I do like what I heard on this record, those times I listened to it and the musical world the band has painted is lovely to be in, and now I am sure I would return to “Logos” and also their earlier works of course. This record has a lot of those ingredients that a record need and I am very content in giving it a high rating. Four strong stars and a record I definitely think you should try!


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