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Logos is a very accomplished symphonic prog band from Verona Italy, active since the mid 1990s. They have released two good albums to date and are currently working on their 3rd as we speak in 2009. They are quite impressive across the board from composition to performance. The first album seemed most influenced by the masters of classic RPI like Orme and Banco, while the second album seemed to get a bit heavier and more eclectic. I’m quite excited to see where they go with their 3rd album which is the first to be written in this mini resurgence of provocative RPI we are seeing around us—I believe this band has much potential to deliver something wonderful. But back to this album, their debut. Recorded in Verona in the spring of 1998 on 8-track analog equipment, the self-titled Logos featured 6 tracks including one 17 minute epic. The music is really pretty wonderful stuff, combining the qualities of good RPI and symphonic with a bit of neo tendency I believe, in the attitudes of the synths. There are also plenty of straight piano runs, acoustic guitar melodies, buoyant vocals, and impressive rhythms. Lots of generally upbeat atmospheres pervade the background of Logos and all of the musicians quite carefully choose their parts, there doesn’t seem to be much left to chance here. Keyboardist Luca Zerman actually did the artwork for both albums. I just love it when the band does their own artwork. It’s another little glimpse into the musician’s personal lives and so much more meaningful to me than some fancy corporate designed crap that comes with the latest big release. I actually prefer this more laid back debut to the more adrenalized follow-up but am just shy of 4 stars. Logos is a very good RPI band and you can download both albums for free from the band’s official site.

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