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LogoS started life as a Progressive Rock cover band, performing the music of classic Italian symphonic prog bands such as Banco and Le Orme. At the same time, they also started working on original material and managed to produce their first album in 1999 before the struggles began. Personnel changes and challenges finding places to play all made for a tumultuous period and it wasn’t until 2010 they released their second disc and here, now in 2014 their third, L’enigma della vita. This quartet is made up of Fabio Gaspari (guitars, bass, vocals), Luca Zerman (keyboards, Hammond, lead vocals), Claudio Antolini (piano, keyboards) and Alessandro Perbelini ( drums). It’s a classic line-up that creates some classic Italian symphonic Progressive Rock.

Made up of eleven tracks,L’enigma della vita features everything we’ve come to love about Italian prog. Logos’ musical style runs more in line with Spock’s Beard but infuses their own vibe in subtle ways. After the dramatic and powerful synthesizer opener “Antifonia” [2:03] we segue directly into “Venivo da un lungo sonno” [9:08] that is absolutely magical, deftly trading off one melodic line after another hinting at Pink Floyd in spots and Spock’s Beard at other times. Track three, starts off softer with simulated flutes before the growl of the Hammond organ lifts the piece into a wonderfully melodic riff. Then suddenly things go hesitant and tentative with a chunky guitar riff and vocals. The track “In Fuga” [5:41] manages to deliver a load of musical change-ups all with a distinct classical feel. InterestinglyLogoS seem to love longer songs which is almost unusual for Italian prog and here seven of the eleven compositions clock in at over seven minutes; the longest being 11:25. Smooth transitions deliver grand and panoramic musical flourishes one moment and soft and delicate interludes the next. All of this is set against a typically quirky prog-rock foundation and a healthy dose of Mellotron sounds as well.

I for one am glad these guys weathered the difficult years to get to the point where they could give us this disc. Their music should have instant appeal to lovers of both symphonic prog or the classic Italian bands. L’enigma della vita has everything we’ve come to expect from the genre and the band manages to infuse their music with many of their own unique classical influences. It’s an absolutely amazing set of tunes. It’s also a very satisfying listen and it’s for those reasons and more that I’m highly recommending you check out LogoS.

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