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4.5/5 stars. LOGOS were formed back in 1996 and subsequently released two studio albums in 1999 and 2001. Both have ratings that are average at best but something happened over the last 13 years as they have released an absolute stunner in 2014. All four guys from the previous album are back although the drummer is listed as a guest playing on the fourth track only. Fabio the bass player on the previous album still plays bass but is the main drummer now. The new guy is Claudio and he’s the second keyboardist adding piano and synths to Luca’s organ, mellotron and synths. Luca is also the vocalist and he really reminds me of Bryan Ferry at times. Anyway this is a keyboard driven album that has incredible depth to it. It’s one of those albums that i’ve played a ton yet I feel i’m still getting to know it. Things get started with “Antifona” a short instrumental full of atmosphere which is dark and spacey. “Venivo Da Un Lungo Sonno” continues with the same theme but drums and bass are added and the mood becomes more upbeat and brighter. A Symphonic beauty. It settles some before 4 minutes and the vocals join in. Simply gorgeous with those Ferry-like vocals. Relaxed guitar comes in around 5 1/2 minutes then it becomes more passionate. Excellent! “In Fuga” is an instrumental with lots of synths and keyboards. An uplifting Symphonic piece. “Alla Fine Dell’ultimo Capitolo” has a steady beat with intricate guitar as the vocals join in around 2 minutes. Some powerful guitar 3 minutes in then pulsating organ runs as the guitar plays over top. Synths to the fore 5 minutes in and vocals follow. It becomes repetitive late and I love it with those spacey synths. Mellotron follows then the vocals return once again. “N.A.S.” has such a great sound to it around 1 1/2 minutes in as it becomes more powerful with synths playing over top. Then it’s the guitar that becomes prominant until the synths return late.

“L’enigma Della Vita” has a nice beat to it with spacey keys. Vocals a minute in. I like when the tempo picks up before 4 minutes. A powerful tune. “In Principio” has a beautiful intro as reserved vocals join in before a minute. Awesome sound after 3 minutes, so much atmosphere. Vocals return later then check it out before 6 1/2 minutes as a more urgent rhythm kicks in. The guitar before 8 minutes is fantastic. “Completamente Estranei” has spacey synths and a beat to start. Vocals after 3 minutes then back to the instrumental work the rest of the way. “In Quale Luogo Si Fermo’il Mio Tempo” is a short piece with piano only. “Ploggia In Campagna” opens with the sounds of synths and drums as it builds. Vocals before 2 minutes as it calms right down. A nice instrumental section comes in at 3 minutes including mellotron and intricate guitar. It picks up before 4 minutes. Great sound! Love the organ here. Vocals 7 minutes in with a powerful soundscape. It settles back a minute later with organ then builds. “Il Rumore Dell’aria” is the haunting closer with the sounds of water dripping, an eerie atmosphere and spoken words.

A must for RPI fans, no doubt about that. This is adventerous Symphonic music with lots of depth.

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