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An unseen glacier calf’s an iceberg. Ginormous waves of subsonic whale songs expand as Logos announces a new born, infant wet whale of a masterpiece of Italian Prog. Ominous hypnotic percussion propels the new born album thru delicate webs of a spidery plucked guitar riffs. Pompeian vocals ride over molten bass lines. Ghostly guitar riffs reminiscent of David Gilmour satiate the vampiric hunger of a sabertoothed progasaur. Namely me. Perhaps you? Oh the memories!

L’Enigma Della Vitta spews out inumerable memorable licks, opiate keyboard passages, melodies, coupled with an understated, yet a perfect fusion of modern retro Italian prog. Progarchives voters nailed it in 2014! IQ, Opeth, and Logos! Until I breathe my last breath I will remember 2014 for those three amazing albums! IQ’s ” The Road of Bones”, Opeth’s “Pale Communion, and last but not least…LogoS’s “L’Enigma Della Vitta. All three albums contain song after memorable song. And that’s the most retro thing about these Albums! Everything here is memorable!

I own all the major iconic Italian prog albums from the 70’s. PFM, Goblin, Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso, Le Orme, Area, and Osanna, along with the usual suspects. My husband and I have a weakness for Italian prog. Many great things have already been said by the Progachive connoisseurs and collaborators about L’Enigma Della Vitta, so I’ll have very little to add except that in my feminine opinion…L’Enigma Della Vitta is the greatest Italian Prog album recorded since the mid 70’s. LogoS makes me want to sip red vino from crystal cups and eat black olive bread with my man and get passionate…Profondo rosso amore!

Cons- I know it’s over 70 minutes long. Too much of a good thing? Get over it prog people. If you can’t handle a double album… Listen to the first half, next time listen to the second half. Or play L’Enigma Della Vitta on random. Do whatever it takes. But what ever you do, by crook, nook, or cranny get yourself a copy of this album.

My only regret? Although I know this album is a progressive rock classic, I probably won’t be able to add one of the 100 limited editions of L’Enigma Della Vitta on colored vinyl… It’s not that the limited edition is too expensive. It’s just I would have to con my husband to splurge for a gramophone. “Record player is the layman’s term for Gramophone.” Ha ha…

5 shiny stars! An Essential masterpiece to any progressive rock collection

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