Personally, I consider that, the Italian Progressive Rock Music is one of the finest around the world, mainly in its musical composition, from the quality of the musicians and their ability to used classical arrangements and work out their ideas in such a perfectionism and with the ability to fuse the emotional with the intellectual, blending many rhythm changes, with pure classical music influences, Rock Progressivo, Hard Rock, Jazz, Barock, Folk and other regional rhythms. In this musical context, I can name a hundred Italian Progressive Rock bands, who knows how to fuse the emotional together the intellectual, in perfect compositions. One of these bands that we can mention is the LogoS. With a considerably delayed, compared to the release of last two albuns, the LogoS band and their fantastic music, reappears again in the world scene of the Progressive Rock. After a long period in silence, a total of thirteen years, the group finally released, in early of this year 2014, their third album, titled as “L’enigma Della Vita”, which I have the pleasure to consider as one more masterpiece from the Progressive Rock’s Italian scenery, playing a symphonic music, in the same line and with the same energy of the best Italian prog bands from all times. Formed by four musicians, the LogoS band may be ranked into the Symphonic Progressive Rock style, all compositions are totally dominated by wonderful atmospheric keyboards, by Luca Zerman – Organ, Mellotron, Synth and Claudio Antolini – Piano, Keyboards, Synth, both together creating a variety of incredible arrangements, the guitars come with wonderful solos in the background, where the bass guitar follows the rhythm with the drums. “L’enigma Della Vita” contains eleven tracks, 76 minutes of a pure musical emotion, no doubt all tracks have an excellent musical performance, but, of all there are some that are perfect, of course they are my favorites: “Venivo Da Un Lungo Sonno”, “In Fuga”, “Alla Fine Dell’ultimo Capitolo”, “L’enigma Della Vita”, “In Principio”, “Completamente Estranei” and “Pioggia In Campagna” it´s the apex of the album. Do not think twice to listen to this wonderful album and learn more about this fantastic band, you can bet that you will not regret.

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