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First class symphonic prog rock from Italy. I was asked to provide a review for this CD and I was quite pleased with what I heard. I really didn´t know about them and it seems that their first two albums they had at the beginning of the new millennium saw just limited release for I had not heard of any in all my years around here at the PA site. Anyway, L´enigma Della Vita was a very strong work from a very good band. Clearly they are rooted in the tradition of those 70´s giants from and out of Italy. And still they have enough modern influences in their music to not confound them with another retro band. As one has to expect, their musicianship is superb and the the state of art production also helps their surprisingly strong songwriting skills. There is over 75 minutes of music, but none of the tracks is of lower quality than the other. In fact, my only gripe with this CD is the fact that they did not exactly mixed their several musical tendencies into a coherent whole. You know, a case of being too versatile for their own good maybe. You can hear just about everything here: from melodic neo prog traits complete with Gilmour-like solos of Venivo da un lungo sonno to a more avant guard instrumental loaded with frippertonic guitar (N.a.s.). From the classical piano solo of Pioggia in campagna to the acoustic pastoral intro of Il rumore dell’aria. And so it goes. After repeated spins I still get the feeling is that I´m listening to several good bands playing on the same CD. However, this same feeling practically disappears on the vocal parts, where Luca Zerman´s voice gives the group a more distinctive sound. Every time he opens his mouth we are given the impression of hearing something unique. Familiar, ok, but still unique..

Don´t get me wrong: L´enigma Della Vita is an excellent CD done by an excellent band. But it is also clear they can go much further when they will balance all their influences into a more personal style. With their brilliant technique, tasteful arrangements and songwriting capabilities I´m sure it´s be only a matter of time before they will have their very own, trademark signature. I´m looking forward to hear their next release.

Rating: four strong stars. If you like Italian prog rock, this is a must have. If you love modern symphonic prog rock, you should at least give this CD a chance.


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