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I was very much pleasantly surprised with this album, mostly because I got it for free, but don’t let the price fool you, this is good stuff. I don’t speak a lick of Italian but there are very nice vocals throughout the album and when it comes to instrumentals these guys are very good at it. Overall though, the reason I like this album is not because of the quality of the release, it’s because of the atmosphere it gives off. It is at times spacey, (Like Pink Floyd not Kevin Spacey) but sounds very much like Yes or PFM. The 17-minute Il Grande Fiume is an excellent example of this feel and the thing that sticks out to me on this track is definately the piano playing. Un Giorno gives off that atmosphere too and well… I guess all the tracks do but it sticks out more on those two. You’ll know what I mean when you give the album a listen, and go ahead because it is free on their website, along with their sophomore release.

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