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A very good debut from this Rock Progressivo Italiano band. It is even a free download from their website too. It cannot get any better than this. For those who wonder what Rock Progressivo Italiano is all about, I would recommend you to download this album and find out yourself. The music here is melodic, still symphonic and very lush. The music is not particular hard. Neither is it too soft. The music is both Hammond organ and guitar based. But most of all; the soft Italian vocals dominates the songs. This album is a good throwback to the 1970s, but with a far better sound. A sound which I cannot fault at all.

Although the sound is excellent and this album has everything a Rock Progressivo Italiano fan would like, the lack of some truly great songs is a problem for me. But this being a free download and on par with most of what I am remortaging my house to be able to buy, I cannot complain that much. Hence; this is in my view a great album and one I will continue to play well into my rocking chair retirement age. Then again; the lack of some truly great songs….. It is a borderline three or four stars album. I give it four stars though.

4 stars

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