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This debut by Italian act Logos showcase a highly talented band, with the creation of intriguing, atmospheric moods placed in quirky compositions with myriads of breaks and minor as well as majord changes in style, sound and pace as specialties. Symphonic prog seems to be a sort of foundation for this outfits explorations; as layered keyboards and synths are central elements throughout; most times used in a symphonic manner. Sometimes as the backdrop for a song or a segment; but most times given a dominating role throughout as main melody provider and mood creator.

The piano gets the pulled out on a few occasions; and the organ even more so; although the latter is used in a more subdued manner while the former gets to dominate quite a bit – even if used less extensively.

Clean, undistorted guitar licks adds textures and nuances to the songs; a few riffs and power chords are utilized to create darker atmospheres on occasion, while the guitar soloing mainly is of the atmospheric, melodic variety which ios a specialty in symphonic progressive rock music.

The songs themselves have a sound that do remind a bit of Eloy at times; but with much stronger symphonic leanings and more complex compositions in general. And of course with a distinct Italian flavour; a certain melodramatic tendency that is a constant factor on this production.

The sound quality and mix of this release is a poor one though; in terms of quality we are talking a demo of the old-fashioned variety in this case. Fuzzy sounding at times, instruments lost in the mix on occasions, some noise pollution and many cases of long pauses between individual segments in a tune. And the two long compositions here, although consisting of many compelling segments, also have some that feel glued in rather than naturally belonging; a case of limited possibilities when mixing these tunes I’d guess.

Still, it’s a good release. One that ideally should have been re-recorded and/or remixed; but the ideas and moods are strong enough to make this an interesting production as is too; in particular for fans of symphonic progressive rock.

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