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cd sadako e le mille gru di carta

This may very well be the best album that was released in the year 2020. I hoped, but didn’t really expect, that Logos could top their fabulous album from 2014 named L’enigma della vita. But they do. What an album this is! There is one hour of great music on the album, completely without lowpoints. It starts on a high note, and goes out with on a high note.

Their style and influences are well grounded in the proud and grand tradition of italian progressive rock. You will instantly hear influences from Le Orme and Banco del mutuo soccorso, although Logos is on the more rockier side of those two bands. The influences from Le Orme are present through the whole album, the song ‘il sarto’ could very well be a lost Le Orme song dating back from 1974. I cannot think of one weakness, the soundproduction is excellent, the singer (mostly instrumental stuff here) is great and the melodic driven songs just blows me away. Directly from the start with the 2-minute opener, I know this is good stuff.

And what surprises me is that I enjoyed it the very first time I listened to it. I usually have to listen to an album about three times before I like it, but this one was an instant success. Now, I listened to it about seven times and it still holds up. Another thing that makes this album a hit is that the 21-minute song keeps me interested for the whole 21-minutes. Few bands have ever achieved that (Yes, Museo rosenbach). They also sing in italian, thank god, wich makes the album feel more genuine and authentic. Keyboard driven progressive rock with a ton of great melodic passages and plenty of complex interludes to keep my interest all the way. What an album this is! I can highly recommend it to anyone. This is how a five star album sounds like.

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