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cd sadako e le mille gru di carta

Logos is an Italian band that’s been around since the 1990s, although the current incarnation features a totally different lineup aside from Luca Zerman. I am not familiar with anything this groups has done, aside from Sadako e le mille gru di carta. I’m under the impression after two albums in 1999 and 2001 the band broke up and then reappeared many years later. This is their second album from their return, and this is a concept album of a child that survived the Hiroshima bombing.

Where there’s a clear Japanese theme to the album, including the cover that depicts folding creases for origami. Despite that, don’t expect any Japanese ethnic styles, no koto, shamisen or shakuhachi, what you get is straight up Italian prog, much like Banco or Le Orme. The vocals aren’t as dramatic as Banco, but the band features tons of great keyboard work, including Moog, organ, and Mellotron (or possibly the M4000D).

Some digital synths do rear their heads, though, but never intrusive. “Il Sarto” features guest female vocals from Elisa Montaldo of Il Tempio Delle Clessidre fame. Musically this is very much symphonic prog, Italian style and it’s a rather nice album.

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