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cd sadako e le mille gru di carta

This album has had such an early flurry of five star reviews, including no less than two by PA collaborators, that I had to give it a try. After a full listen on Bandcamp I decided to buy but as Bandcamp were offering the complete LogoS Bandcamp catalogue for not much more than the latest album, I opted for that as I had none of the band’s earlier releases. That has proved to be a wise investment as I have enjoyed all four of the albums available on Bandcamp.

Sadako e le mille gru di carta is a fine album. The album has six tracks (Bandcamp has a seventh bonus track, a shorter version of the 21 minute epic title track which I assume has been released as a single). Four of the six tracks are over 10 minutes long. The music is complex, immediately listenable but requiring several listens before you fully appreciate its quality.

Vocals are used sparingly and at times almost rock opera in style. Having had the opportunity to listen to all four of LogoS’ back catalogue the one thing that has struck me most is the extraordinary variety in the melodies as the tracks develop. The structural complexity of each track is remarkable as you rarely notice a return to a repeated theme. This is probably the reason for the long gap of several years between album releases because it takes time to write this volume of unique music. This is a credit to the band’s compositional abilities but, for me, makes the albums less compelling than the great classic albums.

Now, that view may change as I listen further to the albums (currently at around four listens of each) and I become more familiar with their structure. My initial rating for Sadako e le mille gru di carta is a strong four stars, primarily because while I find myself returning to it for a re-listen, I am similarly returning to Asrava from 2001 and particularly to L’enigma Della Vita from 2014 which I am enjoying equally as much. So while I don’t at this stage believe their latest is a classic requiring five stars, I strongly recommend LogoS and its fine back catalogue of albums which like so many of the albums of today’s prog bands deserves greater recognition.

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