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I am always happy to discover new talents and again there is lots to chew when you dip into the Italian scene of progressive rock. The 70’s gave us plenty (underline plenty) of acts that made an inprint of the concrete of art rock. Even now, the scene is alive and well with contenders that clearly ate their vegetables and did their push-ups: Logos.

Logos is a band with a certain experience as a Le Orme tribute group; and it shows. It’s always good credentials when you gave attention to one of the best bands in the buisness, and Logos is clearly showing us that they’re not small potatoes. They are not afraid to pack their opus with long songs that take their time to bring you where they want: the park on the cover. By the way, I immediately liked the art cover, leaving place to your imagination: what is the answer to life? Is it beyond those iron gates?

The songs will not leave you on your appetite, the keys solos are delicious (In Fuga and Completamente) and the guitar work is reminding me of a harder Hackett and sometimes Latimer. Long instrumental passages are always welcome, building up tension and showering vivid images in your mind. I love the modern approach of the title song that makes a change of pace and the simpler approach of In Principo that brought to me theatrical scenarios of foreign planets with strange fauna.

Overall, it’s a well sang record with no vocal overboards. And frankly, I like it that way since the RPI genre suffered of over-the-top sentimentality. It’s a good balance of old and new that will not be overshadowed by La Maschera di Cera or Il Tempio delle Clessidre.

A BIG round of applause to the band giving us listeners an obviously great album and painted us a dark and hauting canvas that is perfect for these autumn days!

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