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Silly Puppy @ Progarchives.com

It took LOGOS thirteen long years to create their third album L’ ENIGMA DELLA VITA (The enigma of life) but it was apparently worth the wait for this is one power house of an album. The only band member to survive into the current lineup is Luca Zerman who handles the keyboards and vocal duties. […]

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omphaloskepsis @ Progarchives.com

An unseen glacier calf’s an iceberg. Ginormous waves of subsonic whale songs expand as Logos announces a new born, infant wet whale of a masterpiece of Italian Prog. Ominous hypnotic percussion propels the new born album thru delicate webs of a spidery plucked guitar riffs. Pompeian vocals ride over molten bass lines. Ghostly guitar riffs […]

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Martin Burns @ dprp.net

After a 13-year gap, Logos return with their frankly terrific new album, L’enigma della Vita (The Enigma of Life). The line-up includes two keyboard players, Luca Zerman and Claudio Antolini, along with Fabio Gaspari (drums, bass, backing vocals), Massimo Maoli (guitars), and a few other guest musicians. This is Italian progressive rock at its best, […]

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