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Finnforest @

Logos is a band from Verona Italy who began in the mid 1990s and despite line-up changes over the years, remain together to this day (2009). They sport a variety of both English (Crimson, Genesis) and Italian (Orme, Banco) prog influences, have a good history of live shows, and have performed both covers and originals. […]

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Utnapishtim @

In search of the truth’ sailing through unsafe thoughts in search of the knowledge that since the beginning of times it seems to vanish once reached it. A precious album for both listeners and musicians. A must have album which offers a balanced way to express the depth concept of RPI through memorable true progressive […]

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Aussie-Byrd-Brother @

2013 was a banner year for all things Italian prog related, an astounding mix of winning comeback works from established bands and dazzling works from newcomers filled with so much exciting potential and promise. It was already looking like 2014 would potentially measure up to the same quality, and then an album like this first […]

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tszirmay @

As so brilliantly expressed by my esteemed colleagues Todd and Aussie-Byrd-Brother, the Italian progressive scene has been spurting lately with fierce determination, Vesuvius and Etna exploding simultaneously with a lava flow of stunning 2013 releases and it is now clear that 2014 will be just as scorching. Recent arrivals Phoenix Again, Ego, Aurora Lunare, Nodo […]

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Baby Blaue

“L’enigma della vita”. Na endlich ein italienischer Albumtitel, den man auch ohne wirkliche Italienischkenntnisse sofort versteht! Wie bei dem Titel zu erwarten war beschäftigt sich der Bandleader Luca Zerman darauf mit der Erkenntnis, dass das Leben voller Geheimnisse steckt. Die italienische Formation Logos gibt es seit 1996. Damals begannen sie als eine Coverband, die unter […]

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Musical News

La storia dei Logos affonda le radici nel 1996, inizialmente come cover band che omaggia i giganti del progressivo italiano, in particolare BMS e Le Orme. Solo tre anni più tardi, come quintetto, il gruppo elabora un proprio repertorio che viene proposto nell’esordio “Logos”, replicato quattro anni più tardi con “Àsraya” che, nonostante sia ancora […]

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